Torque specs

Arctic cat 1100 spark plugs-10lbft or 120 inch pounds

Arctic cat 1100 cam cap bolts-84 inch pounds

Arctic cat 1100 valve cover bolts 10lbft or 120 inch pounds.

Rev X  1100 turbo, 3 stage wiring directions

Red - Pin 29 on BIG connector
White - Pin 30 on BIG connector
Black - Good Chassis Ground - Non Painted Surface
Yellow - Antilag Activation - Wire up to button if you'd like or tie into 12V Switched side of the brake to leave off of the brake.

Rev X 1100 turbo, 2 stage wiring

white wire-pin 29 on BIG connector

black wire-ground


1 blink - pump
2 blinks - pump+
3 blinks - race

Knock light: Solidly On = Mild Knock
Blinking: Heavy Knock